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By Judith Glynn – Hands down, the Hank Williams Museum is a hoot for his die-hard fans or for the casual visitor. Considering his career lasted only five years and he died at 29 in 1952, his spirit resonates in this funky and entertaining place with dusty-rose-colored walls and 35 tall display cabinets.

By Judith Glynn – Hop-on, hop-off or tour the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® in three days. Guides are at the distilleries. Learn how bourbon is produced. Sip samples. Stop in towns along the way.

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By Judith Glynn – An interesting fact about Fort Worth, Texas is a majority of America’s paper money is printed at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing located within city limits. But according to a local private-investment mogul, “All of Fort Worth’s money is in two downtown office buildings on Commerce and Main Streets.”

By Judith Glynn – Casinos conjure up vibrant images. Foxwoods Resort Casino is no exception. With its 5,800 slots, gamblers sit on swivel chairs staring at rolling cylinders amidst a cacophony of musical sounds. The experience is hypnotic.

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